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Why is web design so important?

Websites dominate our everyday lives, but SUCCESSFUL websites are those that have a good web design. What does that mean? It means that visitors enjoy using them and can easily reach the information they need.

If you want a website that fits that description, we are the agency for you! Not only will we design it properly, but we will also make sure it is off to a good start and that it can start attracting visitors right away. With us, you get the whole package!

What do our websites offer?

We don’t just slap on a pretty picture on a page and call it a day. This is a respectable company we’re running here.

Our aim is to give you a perfectly functioning website at an affordable price that helps you achieve your business goals and dreams. To that end, we will focus on four major aspects:

UX and UI

Keeping the visitors (i.e. your prospective clients) happy is our number one priority. Therefore, we design websites with them in mind which are easy on the eyes and functional.

Marketing and servicing programs

The website needs to be compatible with all your most important programs. That way, implementing your business strategy becomes much easier.

Search Engine Optimisation

In case you missed it, we’re kind of obsessed with SEO. In a good way, though. This means that we will focus or web-designing efforts on making sure you rank well among search engine results.


Everything we do has to be measurable so that you can see exactly how your website is doing. Numbers don’t lie (and neither do we), which is why a reporting system has to be in place.

How do we create your website?

Creating a well-performing website that will capture the users’ attention is something that has to be approached studiously.

Fortunately, our web designers obsess over even the slightest detail (it’s not OCD, we had them tested) and will never launch the site unless they deem it to be perfect. Still, our development process covers three main phases.

Who is your audience? What do they like? What are the values they have? These are just some of the questions we need to answer before we start actually creating the website. Thorough research of the market means we can give you a website with better conversion rates.

Then there comes the time to start creating prototypes and designing the user interface of the future website.

We also make sure the mobile version of the site functions flawlessly, too. Everything is thoroughly tested before the big day arrives.

Finally, the big day comes and at this point, we’re tingling with anticipation.

The website goes live, but our work doesn’t end there. As a matter of fact, we continue to maintain the website for another six months! For free!

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