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Guest posts & PR from Croatian websites

Tired of “hello dear sir/mam please check my sites” emails? Good. Scroll down to see some serious backlink building options.

Croatian backlink building agency

Are you an Agency or an individual looking to build backlinks from Croatian (.hr) websites?

During the last 3 years we established a strong business relationship with lots of Croatia website owners that helped us reduce the price per each published guest post.

So, we decided to offer link building as a service which was recognized by some mid-sized and corporate clients as well as by dozens of international marketing agencies who outsource their linkbuilding to us every month.

Some of them can be found on partnerships page. We encourage you to contact any agency from the list and ask them about their experience working with us. You’ll be SERPRised 🙂

backlinks from Croatian websites

Want to see how we work? It’s best to start small. We can easily scale up later.

Welcome Package

2 Trial GUEST POST starting from 349€

What do you get?

Bulk Custom Package

Minimum 10 links/Month

Manual outreach based on your requirements.

What can you expect from our placements:

Starting from €1350

For experienced website and agency owners who are aware of why backlinks are vital part of a winning SEO strategy.

Bulk discounts available. Get in touch for more details.


It depends on the publisher’s terms of use but we guarantee that your publication will stay live for at least 180 days.

We publish on real websites with real users and real organic traffic. No PBNs. No Penalized websites. Only the real deal.

Due to the nature of our work we’ve collaborated with hundreds of publishers since our beginnings. That’s how we developed a strong business relationship which allowed us to achieve good pricing and a decent database of .hr (Croatian) websites.

We can’t guarantee this but what we can guarantee is that we’ll do keyword research and try to find a perfect topic.  A topic that once published has a high chance of ranking on the 1st page of Google. That means you’ll have a good chance of receiving referral traffic.

Yes, we do. But you’ll have to contact us with your requirements. We don’t bite! 🙂

Depends on who is asking. If you don’t have a decent budget to work with of course our services will look expensive. However, we don’t publish on useless, no-traffic & spammy websites. We only choose high-quality placements that charge their fee accordingly.

Yes! We’ve successfully finished dozens of projects for international casino and gambling websites. We still work with some of them on a monthly basis.

Contact us for custom pricing and for samples of our work. The minimum order is 10 posts/backlinks.

Yes, we offer a 15% referral fee for every new client that you bring in. The fee will be paid each month until the collaboration is over.

Yes, we do. We prefer that you do all the communication with the client and let us do the dirty work. Something you wanted to hear? Get in touch 🙂

Let’s start working on your SERPRise