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How perfume brand grew their organic traffic by 300% in no time [Case Study] is the leader in the retail of cosmetics and it’s famous for being one of the first to step in that market in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Their products range from perfumes to all kinds of beauty products. Today they do business at 4 local stores and webshop. hired us to help them increase the organic traffic for specific products/categories, increase brand awareness and generally do technical improvements.


We proposed a one-time 3 steps solution that was implemented in 4 weeks:

  • Technical Audit
  • On-page
  • Off-page

Technical issues

The first step in this SEO campaign was to identify technical issues such as thin content being number one in terms of the impact it had on organic traffic growth and the site loading speed being number 2.

To optimize the page loading time we did the image optimization as that was the main issue. We removed 250 large images that was slowing the website too much but didn’t provide enough value and compressed the other ones.

Loading speed went from the 40s to 8s for most of the pages. Some of the pages got even more boost.



There were some other issues we wrote recommendations and instructions for on how to fix but the budget allowed only partial fixes. That probably affected the growth rate but the client was happy with the results we achieved.

On-page issues

This is where the main focus was for this SEO campaign. was ranking well for some terms having thousands of impressions for certain products but with only a few clicks to it. We call these “pages with potential” because Google clearly decided the page content matched user intent and so it serves it in front of the users for a given search term.

Big G was telling us that we are on the right track, but more effort should be put in optimizing those pages.

So we made a list of 20 products with the biggest growth potential and started with on-page analysis while simultaneously looking at what already works for their competitors.

After the quick inspection, we saw that most of the product pages had a poorly written description or even no description at all so that was our first pick.

It’s a well-known fact that Google loves content+backlinks combination. So we decided to go with evergreen SEO approach.

We created a sheet, organized the data and started writing the product descriptions. Each product got ~200 words of content with keywords that were naturally inserted in headings and withing the description itself.

TIP: Use Google Search Console data to find keywords you should use when creating content for the page with potential. Filter those keywords that are ranking on the average position between 6-10 as they’ll have the most impact on CTR once they get a boost on the search results.

Off-page SEO

Backlink building to increase the organic traffic – old school, but it works. Link opportunities are all around us but if you can’t see them at first there are tools that can help you such as SEMRush or Ahrefs. To be more specific, use the “backlink gap” option to find the links that your competitors have.

Export them to one sheet, manually check them to find the ones worth going for and start with the building.

We built links from 5 PR articles with topics like:

  • TOP 5 perfumes for men in 2020
  • How to buy ideal men perfume?
  • Best women perfume in 2020
  • Have you tried one of the 8 most popular perfume for women?

PR links are one of the most popular choices when it comes to link building. They came from well established and authoritative sites so aside from a high-quality link, you have a good chance to receive additional referral traffic.

What I’ve also found interesting is that forums can help a lot and it’s easy to get backlinks from them. Just be natural and find the topic that you can fit your backlink to actually provide the value to users browsing that forum.

Links like that also help to diversify the backlink profile which then sends signals to search engine that everything is natural.


Right after we wrote the first descriptions and uploaded them, the traffic started to grow. Backlinks additionally boosted the numbers and the store is now growing from month to month.

Most of the keywords have commercial intent as they include the full perfume name mixed with some longer versions which why the conversion rate jumped too.

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