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Bank industry case study – 170% leads increase with SEO

How some basic SEO techniques increased our client’s organic traffic and resulted in a 170% increase in leads on a YOY basis

SEO In most cases sounds pretty straightforward. There are some strategies that include advanced SEO knowledge, but in most cases, the simplest SEO techniques bring the best results. This is one of those examples.

What is the website about?

The client in question is working within the banking industry. However, the main purpose of its website is pretty specific. It acts as a credit calculator for future borrowers (investees). Users type in the necessary information and immediately get feedback about credit repayment, monthly installments, and so on.

The business side is also pretty straightforward – drive users to banks, and get a commission for each generated lead. However, the competition for specific keywords is significant, as each bank already has a credit calculator on its websites.

SEO goal - improve the On-Page SEO

Overall SEO goal was to improve On-Page SEO and get better positioning in SERP for bank-related keywords, such as [credit type] + calculator and [bank name] + credit. As we started with the main goal, other SEO-related things popped up. But the main objective was to create new content and improve the existing one, which should then lead to a better ranking on Google.

SEO strategy - keep it simple

In the beginning, the SEO strategy was not precisely defined. Our work with the client was mostly task-based. This means we would need to publish a few blog posts, and generate a few backlinks each month. Other tasks included rewriting the existing posts to generate more organic traffic. We also came along with some technical issues, which were fixed along the way.

All in all, our strategy included:

  • Keyword research for new end existing blog posts
  • Rewriting old and publishing new posts
  • Optimizing posts with relevant titles, headings, and metadata
  • Optimizing pages with structured data
  • Improving interlinking between pages


The biggest result of this case study is the overall increase in the number of impressions and clicks to the website. And that led to a significant 170% lead increase on a year-to-year basis, which is (for now) the final result of our SEO efforts.

increase on a year-to-year basis

And below is the effect of rewriting some of the existing blog posts. Basically, the number of users landing on these two pages more than doubled.

increase on a year-to-year basis
rise in organic traffic

In general, the entire website saw a rise in organic traffic and the number of keywords it ranks for, as seen in the SEMRush overview:

SERP results

As for the SERP results; the initial plan to rank for the keywords [credit type] + calculator and [bank name] + [credit type] worked like a charm. As of now, the website ranks in the top 10 for most queries which include the names of the biggest banks on the market.

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