Hello and welcome to our website!

We are SERPrise Agency, a small but ambitious team of SEO experts ready to give their all to help you and your website grow and flourish.

Yes, working with us means you’ll be working with someone who genuinely cares about their clients’ results.

In SERPrise Agency, you will always have a partner willing to listen, a partner who will always do everything in their power to give you the answers you seek, educate you on a subject and help you in any way we can.

It is precisely BECAUSE we are a small team that we can do this – we are not some big corporation that only sees its clients as numbers. Instead, we strive to build a solid relationship with anyone who hires us. In other words, SERPrise Agency is about more than just cold business. It’s about helping people succeed.

Serprise team

This is all well and good, we hear you thinking, but do they have the necessary skills to get the job done? Rest assured that with us you get a fully dedicated team of people with years of experience in the SEO industry ready to boost your business and help it reach new clients and new heights. 

You will also get a team that keeps a close eye on how search engines are evolving and is ready to apply any new principle and technology to your website in order to help it rank higher and increase the number of conversions you have. We approach every task very seriously and always deliver what was promised on time. 

This is because people working here are very ambitious and want to turn this company into something big. We are only at the beginning of our journey, but we know exactly where we want to be in a few years and would love to have you along for the ride. That’s exactly why we treasure every relationship with our clients so much – we will not forget who was with us from the beginning.

With SERPrise.agency, you will know exactly what you’re getting every single time and can always count on open and honest feedback regarding your plans. If something can’t be done, you will get a straight answer from us, not to mention that you can always count on full confidentiality.

Our Team

Meet the group of lovely individuals that make up SERPRise Agency! 

Jure Kljajic
Jure Kljajic

Founder & SEO specialist

Petra Capic
Petra Capic

SEO Specialist

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Dora Zoric

Project Manager

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Nikola Kljajic

Backlink Bulding

dino tomic
Dino Tomic

Social Media Marketing Manager

Andrea Dugandzic
Andrea Dugandzic


marko domljanovic
Marko Domljanovic