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A guy walks into a bar…

..orders a drink and finds a table.

He starts looking for someone to help him pass the time until his business partner arrives.

Two guys in yellow hoodies with laptops grab his attention. They seem to be on Zoom, so he decides not to bother them. But something about those young men doesn’t let him focus on anyone else. He leans closer to hear what they are talking about.

“Ivan, can you upload those blogs today?” one of them asks.

“I’ll never understand how you can write on a tablet,” says Jure through laughter.

“Of course, Jure. I’ll add internal links and photos, as always.”

“Marko, Petra will do the keyword research for the upcoming articles. When can you start working on those?” Jure addresses the writer in the team.

“I can start now. You know that I carry my tablet with me all the time,” Marko replies.

“I prefer writing on a laptop, but the tablet is good too,” answers Marko like that’s a normal thing to do.

“Petra, where are we standing with that keyword research?”

“I’ve already started working on a bus,” a female voice replies, “They’re getting impressions for many high-volume words, but just a few clicks. I’ll research the competition in SEMrush and Arshef later.”

“God, you’re traveling again! I wish I could do the same,” says the man sitting next to Jure.

“Soon, Nikola, soon,” Jure jumps in with ambition burning in his eyes, “but first, we have to finish that huge white label project.” 

“Don’t worry, brother, my outreach has already brought results. They’ll get backlinks on high DA sites,” Nikola replies while winking confidently.

“Great, my team of writers will jump right into writing articles when you guys prepare the topics,” another female voice says.

“Dora, I’ll send you the Google Sheet with the topics on Slack. They’re ready.” Petra adds calmly.

You’re always two steps ahead, Petra. You really are the backbone of our company.” Jure leans back in his chair, proud of the small but well-oiled team.

Dora, please add everything to Asana, so we don’t forget anything,” says Jure and adds, “I have a meeting with the new client later this week. They’re using some new organization and communication software. We’ll have to get used to those.

“Nothing new. That’s what we always do,” Dora says for the whole team.

At that moment …a lady walks into a bar…

…sits next to the guy and asks: “What are you looking at?”

“See those two guys in yellow?” he answers, “They are part of the SEO specialized agency. Just sit here and listen. They’re a great team. We’ll introduce ourselves when they finish their meeting.”


But…where’s the joke?


There isn’t one.

We’re serious about our business the same as we’ll be about yours.

Don’t worry; we have interests outside SEO too

We’re the team from the story. Each of us is different, but we work well together.

Don’t worry; we have interests outside SEO too

We’re the team from the story. Each of us is different, but we work well together.

Jure Kljajic

CEO and Co-Founder

When I’m not doing SEO, I’m sharing knowledge on LinkedIn. I spend my free time learning about crypto and playing basketball. Unless I’m playing with my son. Then nothing else exists.

Petra Capic

CEO and Co-Founder

Organization is half of the work; in SEO more than anywhere. I monitor everything all the time, even while traveling. Stalking crypto opportunities helps me relax but I still like dancing in majorettes better.

Dora Zoric

Project Manager

I’m extremely social, yet I love endangered animals more than humans. One day I’ll save them all. Trading stocks is my new favorite hobby.

Nikola Kljajic

Backlink Building

I plan to move somewhere far away, but I’ll never ditch SEO or football. Seeing great results and scoring goals is simply too satisfying.

Ivan Penovic

External Associate

My 3 younger sisters can confirm that I enjoy helping others grow. I love hiking, especially in spring.

Marko Domljanovic


I’m a bit shy until I start writing. Then I turn into a creative wizard. At least that’s what people say.

We have different backgrounds, skills, and degrees. But we’re all team players and we’ve been together for years. Everyone knows what to do at every moment. Experience taught us that organizing every detail of every project is the foundation to success. That approach gets us results and creates long-term partnerships. That’s what we want from future clients as well. 

But we never take more projects than we can handle.
You won’t be just a folder on Google Disk we check 2 days before the deadline. SEO requires attention, having too many clients would scatter our focus. Achieving SERPRises using proven methods is our goal. Every time.

Chasing numbers would make that impossible. Quality would suffer. And that’s not something we’re ready to risk. Ever.


So… a guy walks into our contact form?

Let’s start working on your SERPRise

Let’s start working on your SERPRise

Let’s start working on your SERPRise

Let’s start working on your SERPRise