No false promises. No bullsh*t.

Just a small team of 14 young and hungry people looking to get recognized internationally for what we do!

IS SEO for you?

  • Are you struggling to get found online?
  • Do you want to diverse income streams by showing your service or product to millions of people that are searching for them?
  • Do you want to outrank your competitors for commercial keywords and directly increase your online revenue?
  • Do you want to increase your brand awareness and build a community around?


If Your Answer is “YES” it actually means nothing. Keep reading to see if we are the right match.

Are we the right Match?

You are probably careful about who you work with. So are we.

If you recognize the power of SEO and you understand that it’s a long term investment then we might be a great match!

You’ll also need a budget, of course.

Can we provide you with

  1. Technical Analysis? Sure.
  2. On-page SEO recommendation/implementation? No problem.
  3. Content strategy and productions? 4 writers are here to help.
  4. Off-site SEO (Manual outreach, PR, Guest posts, German links, Croatian links…)? We have a dedicated team for that!

Meet the Team

Meet the group of lovely individuals that make up SERPRise Agency! 

Case Studies

Villsy Case Study - 6 Months Results



What's in for you?

So, what can you expect from these talented (and rather good-looking) digital marketing experts? Well, we take our every task incredibly seriously and will do absolutely everything in our power to make your dreams a reality. This means that:

Never Late

Deadlines are written in stone for us. Not literally, obviously, our office would be a mess, but we will NEVER be late.

Educate You

On top of the work we do for you, we will try to educate you on the matter, too.

Cancel Anytime

You don't like our service? You can cancel anytime. But that won't happen.

Always on your Service

We value communication, so you can talk to us whenever you need to.

Good Communication

We will always be straight with you: if something can’t be done we’ll tell you.

We never personally outreach to sell SEO services. We don't have to.

Since our beginnings, we never outreached to sell our services. All of our clients were either referred to us or came after they saw our content on LinkedIn. Our services were also never canceled due to bad quality work which is something we are extremely proud about.

Feel free to contact any client you see on our homepage and ask them about their experience in working with us!